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People Over Profits

You may be wondering why you haven't heard of our little start-up before. This is because we have chosen people over profits. We shirked seed funding and investors so that we could remain independent and provide our technology under open-source, open-hardware, and open-core licenses to you. Quantum computing is the most pivotal and important technology of our generation, and rather than sit back and let the industry be monopolized we decided to do something to level the playing field for small business, entrepreneurs, start-ups, students, researchers, and nations that can't afford to pay the outrageously high prices for unserviceable, locked down, quantum hardware.

Our goal is ultimately to help you, the entrepreneur, inventor, student, hobbyist, tinkerer, repair-man, the under-appreciated backbone of our global economy to leverage this technology the best that you can to improve your life, and not just the wallet of some fat cat executives and investors.

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More About Us

Small Size: Big Impact

Since our founding in 2020, we have enjoyed having a tremendous impact in the world. By making our technology open-source and freely available, we have had the honor of assisting entire nations develop quantum computing programs to compete on the global scale! And we're not content to stop here, our goal is to make this technology accessible to everyone!

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