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You Asked, We Answered

How does your technology work?

In general, we utilize the wave-particle properties of photons for quantum computation through a method known as linear-optical quantum computation. Specifically, we utilize polarization encoding wherein each qubit has two optical modes, a horizontally polarized mode and vertically polarized mode. By using various optical components we can control the probability of the photon being measured in either part of the circuit. This is eqiuvalent to performing a bloch-sphere rotation of a qubit. Due to the quantum spookiness of wave-particles each photon actual travels through both paths until the photon is measured which collapses the quantum state. By combining the paths of two qubits through quantum teleportation we are able to entangle the states of one or more qubits.

This technology has actually been around since before 2001, but it has largely been ignored in favor of atomic vapor and other patentable methods.

Which countries do you ship to?

Currently we are only able to ship to the United States and its' territories. Unfortunately due to complex trade laws and the novelty of this technology we are unable to provide tech to non-Americans at this time. We hope to be able to ship elsewhere soon!

Do you accept returns?

We have a 30 day return window on our electronics/quantum hardware, unfortunately our branded merchandise is made to order and not eligible for refund. Please contact to initiate a refund.

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